Obama SNUBBED! Queen Refuses To Meet President Obama On His Trip To London

Buckingham Palace has rejected a report that the Queen “refuses” to meet Barack Obama during his visit to Britain next month, saying it was always the plan for the President to travel to Windsor Castle for lunch.

President Obama is expected to tell the UK to vote to stay in the EU during a trip to the Brittan, shortly after the Queen’s birthday on 21 April.

According to the Daily Mail‘s Ehpraim Hardcastle column, Elizabeth “refuses” to meet her fellow head of state in London, with the President being forced to trek up to Windsor Castle instead.

A source added: “But he’d be well advised not to give a pro-EU sermon over lunch after the row about the Queen supporting Brexit.”

Confirming the visit – details of which were first reported in the Independent on Sunday – this week, the White House said that Mr Obama “will be received by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II at Windsor Castle for a private lunch”.

“The visit will allow the President to offer his gratitude to the British Government and people for their stalwart partnership with his Administration and the American people throughout his Presidency,” it added.

Saudi Arabia and Germany are the other two confirmed stops on Barack Obama’s tour.

Before arriving in Britain he will be in Saudi Arabia to meet the leaders of Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates to talk about ISIS and other security concerns.

After being in Britain he will jet off to Germany to meet Chancellor Angela Merkel.

It has not been confirmed or denied by any nation if other world leaders would be opting out of meeting with Obama during his trip.

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