A Veteran Was Investigated for Threatening Donald Trump

A military veteran from Virginia was reportedly investigated by the secret service for making threats about shooting Donald Trump.

According to the police the veteran was on his way to a Trump rally in Virginia when his neighbor asked what he was up to. The veteran replied that he was going to shoot Trump. He said he thought better of his plan and went back inside his house.

The veteran told investigators that he was just “messing around” and that he never really intended to shoot the republican nominee.

When questioned, the veteran did admit that he owned guns and also stated that “Trump was creating problems instead of helping people”.

The report did not mention who the veteran was or as to what charges he could face.

Donald Trump has faced threats of assassination before. In June Las Vegas police said that 19 year old Michael Sanford was arrested after he tried to steal an officer’s gun at one of Trumps rallies. Sanford admitted that his goal was “to shoot and kill Trump”.

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