AMAZING VIDEO: Criminal ejected from police car during crash

AMAZING VIDEO: Criminal ejected from police car during crash

A chilling video from Arkansas shows a teenager trying to escape only to be tossed through the window of a police car during a crash.

Police in Jonesboro say 19-year-old Logan Younger had been arrested for public intoxication. Video shared by the department this week shows Younger in the backseat of the cruiser, breaking free from his handcuffs and moving around.

Younger kicks at the plexiglass between the front and back seats, then gets on his phone when the accident occurred. Officer Justin Thompson’s patrol car overturned, sending Younger flying through the back window.

Police say Younger still tried to run away after he was ejected from the vehicle, but was later caught.

The officer had to be cut from the car and was flown to a Memphis hospital. His condition is not known, but police say he was conscious and talking.

Younger was treated and released, then taken to jail, where he’s being held on charges including escape, fleeing on foot, public intoxication and minor in possession charges.

The cause of the crash remains under investigation.

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