Angelina Jolie and kids are in London, takes them book-shopping

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London, England, United Kingdom (4E) – Angelina Jolie went to London with her children as she spoke for the course Women, Peace and Security at the London School of Economics but before her first lecture, she took her children at a bookstore to shop.

Witnesses said she told them she wants her children to enjoy reading and that London has so many good bookstores. Jolie only had four children in tow with her when she visited the bookstore on Monday. An insider said the family bought 30 books including coloring books, a “Harry Potter” book, book markers, and Easter-themed project books. An onlooker said the three girls with Jolie are Shiloh, Vivienne, and Zahara and one boy but they did not identify who.

Another witness said the son that Jolie was with during with shopping spree wanted the last copy of “Deathly Hallows.” However, another customer already had it but the latter gave it up so the actress thanked the person for being considerate and sweet.

The person who gave the last copy of “Deathly Hallows” added that Jolie was lovely and her kids were polite. The son of Jolie thanked the customer for the book he wanted because it was for a school project. An onlooker also said, “She was talking to the girl at the counter about how she loves to get her kids to enjoy books and loves London, as there are so many good book stores.”

The 41-year-old filmmaker and actress was in London for her first appearance as a lecturer at the London School of Economics. She talked about her experiences, women’s human rights, and what motivated her to work as a United Nations special envoy. The director also answered questions from the students after her lecture.

Aside from that, Jolie was also in London for the fifth anniversary of Preventing Sexual Violence Initiative. She helped launch the organization in 2012. She worked with former British foreign secretary William Hague to start the initiative in an attempt to curb the use of rape and sexual violence as a means of terror during war.

Jolie and her kids will travel to Geneva on Wednesday. She will deliver the Annual Sergio Vieira de Mello Memorial Lecture at the United Nations Assembly Hall.

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