Calif. woman alleged of killing former boyfriend posts $35 million bail, will be under house arrest

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San Mateo County, CA, United States (4E) – The woman alleged of being responsible in the 2016 death of her former boyfriend, who is the father of her two kids, is now out of jail after she posted the needed $35 million bail. She will remain under house arrest and will be monitored via an electronic device.

Judge Donald Ayoob approved the bail for Tiffany Li on Thursday. The conditions regarding her release were discussed by both the prosecution and her defense team. The supporters of her former boyfriend, Keith Green, were perplexed that the bail was granted. The victim’s mother is said to be having a difficult time accepting the fact that Li is no longer behind bars while the trial is ongoing.

The attorney for Li, Geoff Carr, said his client has the right to bail because the charge against her is not a capital charge. He also contended she is not a flight risk because she is ordered to surrender all her passports and passport cards to the authorities. She also is not allowed to be in possession of any passport for her children and must stay 100 yards from any airport.

Despite these orders, San Mateo County District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe said she might still find a way to get to her native China. Wagstaffe noted, “We are still concerned about flight. We hope we’re wrong. We hope that on July 17 (pretrial conference date) Ms. Li walks in the door, and we hope she’s there for the jury trial Sept. 18.” The number one concern is the wealth of Li’s family since they were able to come up with the money required for her temporary released.

According to reports, Li’s family came up with $4 million for the bail and the rest came from their relatives. However, the bail actually amounted to $66 million because of the requirement that the amount of bail should be doubled and the remaining half are properties equivalent to the cash bond.

If Li will not show up on any of her court appearances, the court will forfeit the cash bail and the property will be subject to forfeiture by the county. The cash and equity will be returned to them if Li makes good of her promise she will appear.

Li has since been in custody last May 2016. She was apprehended by SWAT officers at her Hillsborough home. She reportedly killed her former boyfriend due to fear that she will lose custody over her children.

It is believed Li murdered Green on April 28, 2016. Li and Green met for an hour at the parking lot of a restaurant to talk about the custody over their two daughters. Green went missing and was reported missing the following day.

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