Celebrities Struggle With Emotions After Donald Trump Win

It didn’t take long for the celebrity elite to show their bitter true colors, after the American people spoke and elected Donald Trump as Americas 45th president.

Actress Amanda Seyfried took to twitter and accused American citizens of hitting rock bottom by electing Trump:

The now seemingly un-American Captain America’s Chris Evans is embarrassed by the voice of the American people:

Miley Cyrus, who previously said she would leave the United States if Donald Trump were elected president, posted a video on Facebook while she was having a mental breakdown over the political outcome:

Lady Gaga took her anger off social media and into the streets when she did a protest in front of Trump Tower in New York City.

And outspoken Hillary Clinton supporter Katy Perry Blacked out her twitter account after going on an anti-Trump Twitter rant.

While the liberal celebrities belly ached after not getting their way, Kristy Alley and Stephen Baldwin showed some class and offered their congratulations to the new president elect.

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