Donald Trump cancels all ObamaCare ads

The Trump administration has cancelled any remaining obamacare advertising for the final days of the obligatory sign-up period.

The move is an indication that the Trump administration is determined to repeal the law, including the provisions that force Americans to purchase health insurance or face a possible hefty tax penalty.

The ads were to have run in the next few days of the annual open enrollment period, which ends on Tuesday.

Some Democrats expectedly reacted with anger, saying the Trump administration was simply trying to sabotage the law.

Kevin Counihan, who oversaw for the Obama administration, warned that halting outreach now could undermine the program in the future, Politico reported.

“The Trump administration’s outrageous decision tonight to sabotage open enrollment will mean coverage could cost more next year and insurers could drop out of the marketplace,” Counihan said.

President Trump made it clear during his campaign: that it would be his administration’s policy to seek the “prompt repeal” of the affordable healthcare law, which has come to be known as Obamacare.

This latest move comes less than one week after Trumps signing of his first executive order authorizing officials to start dismantling parts of Obamacare, which he did within hours of being sworn in as President.

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