Hillary Clinton Failed To Win Over Female Voters

Clinton sees little hope for a New Hampshire win

Hillary Clinton was planning to make history while giving her acceptance speech, but after Trumps groundbreaking win she didn’t get the chance.

To the Surprise of many political pundits, Donald J. Trump won the majority of white female voters whether they be from educated or non-educated women.

While Clinton ran as the first female candidate for a major party nomination, it seems that women didn’t feel they could get behind Hillary Clinton.

During an interview with The Telegraph Malise Sundstorm summed it up by saying “I want a woman to be president, absolutely, but I want the right woman to be president. And I don’t want her brand of feminism being a role model for myself, for my daughter or other women I know.”

Clinton also had statistically less female votes than Obama did in the 2008 election.

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