Hillary Told Obama To ‘Call Off FBI’ Or She Would Reveal His Kenyan Birth Certificate

There has been continuous speculation that Barack Obama’s Hawaiian birth certificate is bogus, and that his college transcripts reflect that he attended different colleges as a foreign national.  And an enraged Hillary Clinton might finally expose the facts.

During a clandestine meeting early Tuesday morning between President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton a fierce exchange of words ignited a fire between the two Democratic politicians.

According to an unnamed White House intern, the former Secretary of State demanded that Obama “call off the FBI!”, while Obama demanded Clinton “Terminate her Presidential campaign”.

The Democratic 2016 hopeful is said to have later regretted her tirade against the president — not for the disrespect she showed, but for not thinking to tell the President that a copy of his official Kenyan birth certificate could be found among her private e-mails.

It is now expected that Mrs. Clinton emails will be selectively released, her crimes covered up by the FBI and Obama will still identify as being an American citizen.

Ambassador Stevens could not be reached for comment.

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