Husband of a Trump supporter deported due to being undocumented immigrant

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Mexico City, Mexico (4E) – The husband of a Trump supporter was deported because of being an undocumented immigrant.

According to the Trump supporter, Helen Beristain, she voted for Trump despite being married to an undocumented immigrant because she thought the president would only order the deportation of people with criminal records. Her husband, Roberto Beristain, was detained earlier in February by the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). Back then Helen said she does not believe the ICE will break their family but that was what the department did when they deported him back to Mexico.

The attorney of the family said the 44-year-old Roberto was deported despite not having any criminal record. The attorney, Adam Ansari, continued to say, “He didn’t even have a parking ticket. From everyone’s accounts he is probably one of the most lovable guys you will ever meet. He is a loving husband and father. And he put a lot of work into his restaurant.”

Roberto also said in a statement his attorneys filed motions to have them rule that the deportation and the detention were illegal. However, ICE ordered him to be deported back to Mexico even before the judges could rule on the matter. Roberto added, “They suddenly told me it was time to go. They told me to get my stuff, they put me in the back of a van and sped toward the border. They took me to another facility while in transport to sign paperwork. I asked to speak with my attorney, but was told there wasn’t time for that. At around 10 p.m., I was dropped off at the Mexico-US border and walked into Mexico.”

Roberto remained at a shelter for immigrants. He said he was scared because he did not know where to go in Mexico and did not know what would happen to him. He has been living in the United states for almost two decades. He arrived in the country in 1998.

He did not seek legal residency through his marriage as he was scared it would require him to go back to Mexico before it would get approved. He has four children with Helen, three of them biological as the other child is from Helen’s previous relationship.

He has also worked as a cook in Eddie’s Steak Shed in Granger, Indiana. In January this year, he became the owner. He has voluntarily showed up at the ICE office in Florida for the last five years for monitoring.

Roberto’s legal team plans to file new court motions to return him back to the U.S. to be with his family.

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