ICE Putting Pressure on Sanctuary Cities With Raids

ICE Putting Pressure on Sanctuary Cities With RaidsIn the United States and Canada, a sanctuary city is a city which permits residence by illegal immigrants to help them avoid deportation.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents have been doubling down on their operations in so-called sanctuary cities as the Trump administration elevates its war against jurisdictions that defy the president’s orders on illegal immigration, CNN reported.

Citing an unnamed immigration official, CNN reported ICE officials have talked in internal meetings about carrying out more raids in more than 100 jurisdictions – cities, states and counties – that have policies limiting cooperation or involvement in immigration operations.

President Trump has already taken steps to strip millions of dollars in federal funds from immigrant sanctuaries, whose police forces refuse to work with federal agents to arrest and detain immigrants living in the U.S. illegally.

But just because a city calls itself a sanctuary doesn’t mean ICE can’t just show up and arrest people. We saw this happen under Obama — and we’re seeing it happen now.

The ramped-up raids, however, mark a significant escalation in the White House-led battle, one that remained undisclosed until this week.

The report comes in the wake the Department of Homeland Security’s rolled out a weekly report naming jurisdictions that refuse to hold and release immigrants who could be subject to deportation — a move that critics claim seeks to name and shame these jurisdictions.

Those for sanctuary argue that police shouldn’t turn over to ICE immigrants who commit minor, non-violent crimes. It can lead to deportation regardless of their years in the US. Some police also say that complying with ICE detainers makes immigrants fear the police in general.

Of course, there are plenty of people who support stepped up deportations and oppose sanctuary policies. They say such policies allow unauthorized immigrants, perhaps facing several criminal charges, to go free.

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