Indiana City Renames Columbus Day and Good Friday

Indiana City Renames Columbus Day and Good FridayOne city in Indiana wants to be more culturally sensitive and it’s renaming two holidays often described as politically incorrect.

One city wants to be more politically correct so it’s renaming two holidays. Bloomington, Indiana has changed the name of Columbus Day to Fall Holiday and Good Friday to Spring Holiday.

The city’s Mayor John Hamilton said “these updated names for two days of well-merited time off is another way we can demonstrate our commitment to inclusivity.” the Mayor also said the move would “better reflect cultural sensitivity in the workplace”

The change was made on Friday by the Mayor, who sent a memo to city employees.

The city of Bloomington sits in Monroe County — a county that gave Clinton 58.6 percent of the vote — almost a 14,000-vote margin over Trump.

Politics aside, local business does not seem distressed over the city’s decision. In a comment to the Washington Star-News, the Bloomington Chamber of Commerce said that “Bloomington has been regarded as a community very welcoming to all people and the Chamber supports all of our members.” According to Chamber President Jeb Conrad.

Conrad also stated that Bloomington’s Mayoral actions are not a major concern to the local business community. “The change Mayor Hamilton proposed is directly for City of Bloomington employees and their internal calendar of holidays. We do not expect any impact on the local business community, but also respect that our members may, especially those in the retail goods business, leverage the national holiday names to promote their businesses.”

City employees receive paid time off for Columbus Day (a federal holiday) and Good Friday.

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