Japan Readies Package for Trump to Help Create 700,000 US Jobs

Japan Readies Package for Trump to Help Create 700,000 US JobsJapan is putting together a package it says could generate 700,000 U.S. jobs and help create a $450-billion market, to present to U.S. President Donald Trump next week, government sources familiar with the plans said.

Japan is said to be putting together a package that it claims will help create 700,000 American jobs and help create $450-billion in new business.

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and President Donald Trump are expected to meet on Feb. 10. Sources familiar with the plans say that the plan calls for cooperation in US infrastructure projects such as high-speed trains and cybersecurity.

The two countries would also jointly build liquefied natural gas facilities in Asia to help expand exports of U.S. natural gas and work together to expand nuclear energy-related sales, develop artificial intelligence, robotics, space and Internet technology.

The Japanese package comes as multiple manufacturers in Asia’s export-oriented economies rush to announce investment plans in the United States, after U.S. President Donald Trump called for companies to build more products in the country.

Trump already issued an executive order withdrawing from the Trans-Pacific Partnership, threatened to brand some countries as currency manipulators, and is considering import tariffs or border taxes as part of his “America First” policies.

The aim of the package appears to be in response to President Trumps actions, avoiding what could potentially be a major crisis over trade friction into a major business opportunity for both countries.

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