Kim Jong Un Will Destroy Los Angeles With A Nuclear Bomb

Kim Jong Un Will Destroy Los Angeles With A Nuclear Bomb The country's former deputy ambassador to London told the BBC that Kim was ruthless and would destroy what he could if his survival was threatened - once he has the weapons to carry out such a retaliation.

North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un would nuke Los Angeles if his rule was ever threatened, a top-level defector believes.

Thae Yong-ho, a former deputy ambassador and North Korea’s most senior defector has said in a wide-ranging interview with the BBC, that the dictator has built up a nuclear arsenal allowing him to destroy Los Angeles with the single push of a button. He said little could deter Kim from pressing “the button on these dangerous weapons when he thinks that his rule and his dynasty is threatened.”

Asked if Mr. Kim would act even knowing a nuclear attack on the US mainland would mean his destruction, Mr. Thae replied: “Yes.”

“Kim Jong Un knows quite well that a nuclear weapon is the only guarantee for his rule. If he lose the power then it is his last day. He may do anything,” Thae said. But he also added that Kim’s unpopularity in North Korea means the regime will “one day would collapse by people’s uprising.”

It is thought that Kim doesn’t currently have the means to attack the US but is developing the ability.

Thae defected to South Korea in August last year and since December 2016 has been speaking to media and appearing on variety television shows to discuss his defection to Seoul and his life as a North Korean envoy.

Meanwhile, President Donald Trump has announced the development of a “state-of-the-art” missile defense system to protect the US from Iran and North Korea, according to a statement posted to the White House website minutes after the new commander-in-chief was sworn into office.

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