Left-wing actor Sean Penn says he’s backing Hillary and calls Trump a “masturbatory narcissist”

Left-wing actor Sean Penn says he's backing Hillary and calls Trump a "masturbatory narcissist"

Left-wing activist, El Chapo sympathizer and frequent Chavez-Castro advocate, Sean Penn says he will be backing Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump this election year.

Penn, profiled in this weekend’s Financial Times, told its media editor Matthew Garrahan that he has little use for the GOP’s presumptive billionaire nominee.

“It doesn’t matter what Trump says because all he is doing is selling,” the actor said.

“It’s masturbatory populism. It’s really an opportunity for one man to have a group celebration of his own narcissism.”

This description didn’t apply to Penn friends Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro?

A one-time Sanders supporter, Penn now thinks Hillary should pick John Kasich as his vice-presidential running mate.

Penn is somewhat honest about himself.

“It’s not a big leap to think of me as a loudmouth, limousine liberal,” he admitted.

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