Man does surgery on his own penis with knife and cutting board

Man performs bloody DIY surgery on his own penisMan performs bloody DIY surgery on his own penis

The 38-year-old, known only as Roman A, was suffering from a condition – named phimosis – which means his foreskin is too tight.

Roman had been in excruciating pain and unable to even go to the toilet.

But doctors still refused to treat him because of the health risk involved.

And it was at this moment that Roman felt forced to conduct an operation on himself.

He disinfected a sharp knife and a chopping board – and performed DIY surgery on himself to enlarge the hole in his foreskin.

He started bleeding heavily as soon as he cut himself.

Fortunately he remained conscious and called an ambulance, which immediately took him to hospital.

He said: “It was my choice to do it. Doctors have turned me down and this has affected me psychologically.

“I felt hurt. I was diagnosed with a serious problem, and they delayed the surgery.”

Roman, from Noginsk in western Russia’s Moscow Oblast region, said he had tried to get help from a number of medical institutions before trying the bizarre operation.

Circumcision is considered usually only as a last resort if other treatments have failed, but it carries risks such as bleeding and infection.

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