Man Electrocuted While Stealing Booby Trapped Trump Sign

Trump signResident Facing Fines For Too Many Trump Signs

A Trump supporter went to great lengths to protect his yard sign from getting stolen by thieves.

Homeowner, Ray Gilbride, said he’s lost seven signs to anti-Trump vandals, prompting him to take action. His solution was something reminiscent of a booby trap from Home Alone and his sign is now rigged to deliver an electric shock.

He connected a 1.5-joule electric fence to the sign to deliver a harmless jolt.

“It’ll light you up a little bit,” Gilbride told KIRO Radio. “Especially if you’re standing in wet grass.”

Mr. Gilbride said he consulted with local police about the tactic and was told a non-lethal electric fence that was made to deliver a pulsating charge was acceptable, as long as no one gets injured.

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