Middle school names new athletic center ‘White Pride Fitness’

A refurbished fitness center at the Meyer Middle School in River Falls, Wisconsin has a long and seemingly intolerant new name: Roger T. White Pride Fitness room.

Chuck Eaton, Rocky Branch Elementary School principal and on the already named ‘Pride Fitness’ fundraising committee, said they wanted to acknowledge two large, gift-giving partners.

From the Roger T. White family, the group got $15,000.

And $10,000 came from the Royal Credit Union (RCU), which has a branch in River Falls.

Eaton said he’s thrilled with the new name.

“I didn’t know Roger White personally, but he was an outstanding athlete that embodies all the great principles of fitness and athletics. We couldn’t have had a better choice.

“And Royal Credit Union provided such great support in a large donation, we wanted to honor it too.”

RCU was not honored with naming rights.

Eaton recently made a presentation about Mr. Whites achievements to the school board that had to give its stamp of approval to the new name.

As far as the long name goes, Eaton speculates it will likely be shortened to the White Pride Fitness Room — a name, he says, attached to a good role model for the kids who use the room.

Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson could not be immediately reached for comment.

The school has since changed its name.

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