Mozart Outsold Beyonce in CD Sales in 2016

Beyonce furious as Mozart outsells her in CD salesBeyonce furious as Mozart outsells her in CD sales

Regardless of all the controversy and bad press of Beyonce Knowles tenure as a performer, she has largely been able to hold on to what some call a ‘superstar’ status.

But when she decided to take an anti-cop stance during this years Super Bowl halftime show, the public may have finally had enough of the singer’s antics. In 2016 the race-bating star sold less CD’s than Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, an artist who has been dead for more than two centuries.

According to Billboard Mozart sold more CD’s than Beyoncé in 2016. The classical composer sold 1.25 millions copies of his latest CD box set since it’s release in late October.

Just to clarify, this feat was achieved in terms of CD sales only and does not include numbers from any streaming or download services. Still not a bad achievement for someone who has been dead for 225 years.

Some will attribute this upset on how people purchase music and the demographics involved in CD sales vs other methods. This just might be a sign of Beyoncé’s fall from grace.

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