New Book Links Sixties Radicals with Today’s Terrorists

New Book Links Sixties Radicals with Today's Terrorists

San Antonio, Texas – May 23d, 2017 (NSN)- Yesterday’s ISIS terror attack at a UK Ariana Grande concert underscores the need to explore terrorism in all forms, including domestic terrorism of the late Sixties and early Seventies U.S.

48-year-old author C.L. Lucas, a student of radical history, specifically the Weathermen, also known as the Weather Underground is the author of the recently released Killing Jane Fonda series.

“Killing Jane Fonda the title,” says Lucas, “is for now, more metaphor than a literal interpretation. To a Vietnam Veteran, Fonda represents everything painful about the war.”

Asked how Killing Jane Fonda relates to yesterday, “It’s a broad connection, but you have to begin ground floor to comprehend terrorism as a whole, domestic, international and so on. Killing Jane Fonda delves into their thoughts and actions from Fonda as a propaganda tool, to the likes of Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn justifying rape and murder with an ideology.”

It’s not a history book, Lucas says. “It is fiction. Historical fiction. Few read textbooks for fun. People crave entertainment. They want to see inside someone’s head; fiction delivers that. Fiction delivers on the feelings of those in terrorism’s orbit.”

There’s a dramatic difference between 22 dead in the UK terror attack and The Weather Underground’s failure, he said. “But,” Lucas added, “Bill Ayers voiced approval for the genocidal elimination of those opposed to his Marxist/Maoist ideology, meaning, he championed the murder of Americans with conservative values,” Lucas paused. “How is that much different from happened in the UK yesterday?”

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