Newspaper uses photo of Alec Baldwin on ‘SNL’ instead of Trump

Newspaper accidentally replaces Trump with Alec Baldwin

Dominican newspaper .El NacionalEl Nacional printed a photo of Alec Baldwin doing his impression of President Trump on “Saturday Night Live” in an article about the President’s policies in the Middle East on Friday.

The photo appeared in the paper next to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in an article discussing Trump’s comments on Israeli settlements and the Palestinian peace process.

As far as reports are concerned, the image mix up was not an intentional joke.

The newspaper has issued an apology, explaining that they had just pulled the photo from the Associated Press wire service and that it simply went unnoticed by everyone who reviewed it. The paper wrote, “El Nacional apologizes to the readers and to all those who felt affected by the publication.”

Baldwin’s SNL performance has repeatedly incurred the wrath of Trump, who has described the comedy show as “unwatchable,” while saying that Baldwin’s portrayal “stinks.”

Baldwin is expected to revive his Trump impression in a new episode of SNL on Saturday when he hosts the program for a record 17th time

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