NY cop who fatally shot Ramarley Graham wanted to talk to teen’s family day after he resigned from department

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Bronx, NY, United States (4E) – The New York cop who killed an unarmed black teenager decided to resign from his post in the department and expressed after his resignation, he wanted to talk to the victim’s mother.

The cop, 35-year-old Richard Haste, fatally shot Graham in the Bronx home of the teen in front of his mother and brother. Haste said Graham’s mother has every right to be mad but he still wished to be able to talk to the family. The shooting took place last February 2, 2012.

Haste said a day after he resigned from the New York Police Department, he wanted to talk to the teen’s family but the communications department of the force prevented him to do so. Hast shared, “I’ve been wanting to talk to the family since day one. I’ve been restricted by DCPI. You want to speak, but you can’t. She’s got every right to be mad. I felt like they deserved to hear what happened.”

It is believed Graham participated in a drug deal and was carrying a gun when Haste followed him inside his home. Haste then shot the teen in the bathroom in front of his mother and brother.

The mother of the teen rejected Haste’s offer to talk with them because he already had the opportunity to speak at a department trial but he did not explain back then. Last Friday, Haste was found guilty of having exercised poor tactical judgment that led to the death of the teen. The mother added, “Richard Haste sat through a trial and lied up there. Now you want to meet with me? That was your opportunity, on that stand. So, no, I won’t meet with him. Nothing he could say to me is going to take away that pain.”

The mother of Graham also expressed she wanted nine other officers who responded to the report about her son be fired because none of them were charged. She added two other cops who were as involved as Haste was, Sgt. Scott Morris and Officer John McLoughlin, remain in the force and they have not answered for their role in the death of her son.

She also blasted the administration of Mayor Bill de Blasio. She said instead of firing Haste, they let him resign. She said this shows the de Blasio administration does not care about justice and accountability.

The family of Graham settled a wrongful death lawsuit against the city for $3.9 million.

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