NY Post Endorses Hillary Clinton for Mayor

The New York Post may have endorsed Donald Trump for president, but now it’s begging his campaign opponent Hillary Clinton to campaign for the position of the New York city Mayor.

The NY Post is owned by News Corp., a sister company of 21st Century Fox, which owns Fox News, admittedly was highly critical of Hillary Clinton in the run-up to Election Day, but says “…that was the race for the White House, where she offered a program far to the left of the nation’s center.”

The twice-failed presidential candidate would run against the incumbent mayor Bill de Blasio, who in his first term has a more than disappointing approval ratting in the nations largest city.

According to the New York Daily News, Clinton, did not deny that she has interest in the position in a recent private conversation with a top city Democrat.

If Clinton does decide to run, then she’ll have to do so very soon. The NYC Mayoral Democratic primary is just nine months away.

She would also have to once again change her place of residence just to satisfy her political ambitions. New York State law says all NYC city hall candidates must live within the city.

Many believe that if Clinton did in fact run for mayoral office, her widespread general election support in New York City coupled with de Blasio’s low poll numbers would spell a win for her.

New York City has never had a female mayor.

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