Obama expected to nominate undocumented immigrant or ex-con to replace Scalia

While the skirmish lines are forming in Congress over President Obama’s nomination of a successor to the late Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia – the president first will have to make his choice known before the battle can be joined.

Though Obama had not been expecting to make a Supreme Court nomination in the final months of his second term, he spent most of Monday morning creating a ‘short list’ illegal immigrants and ex-cons for the position.

Obama’s judicial nominees have always looked different from their predecessors. In an interview in the Oval Office, the President told us, “I think there are some particular groups that historically have been underrepresented—like undocumented immigrants, and ex-cons – that represent a larger and larger portion of the population. And so for them to be able to see folks in robes that look like them is going to be important. When I came into office, I think there was one openly homosexual judge who had been appointed. We’ve appointed ten.”

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