Obama’s botched April Fools prank leads to Sharia law

The White House is in damage control after a botched April Fools prank accidentally lead to the implementation of Sharia law

According to Stubhill’s Islamic expert Wee-Ki Pedia, Sharia law is “the legal framework within which the public and some private aspects of life are regulated for those living in a legal system based on Islam.”

President Barack Obama held a press conference in front of the newly-installed Muslim prayer curtain to address how the events transpired.

“I apologize and take full responsibility for this mishap,” said Obama. “Essentially, I had my people submit the traditional, annual April Fools Day prank legislation, but on the way to submission two interns collided and dropped their papers, which caused the bills to become shuffled.”

From there the bill was quickly passed through Congress due to a typo which presented the bill as “Shariah’s Law” creating misconception.

Belief that the bill was associated with missing children or something gave the bill political momentum to pass quickly through both chambers and arrive on the President’s desk for signing before noon.

U.S. Government officials issued a bipartisan joint statement saying that they promise they usually read at least 80 percent of the legislation they pass.

It is suspected that the burka lobby was behind spreading the misinformation about the bill.

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