Parents call cops on female teenage daughter planning to commit mass shooting at high school

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Thurmont, MD, United States (4E) – The parents of a female teenager called the cops on her after they found her diary wherein she detailed her plans of committing a mass shooting at her high school.

The teenager is from Thurmont, Maryland and in her diary, she mentioned the Sandy Hook Elementary School and Columbine High School mass shootings. Police identified the teen as 18-year-old Nichole Cevario.

On March 23, Cevario’s father called police about the potential threat of violence toward the Catoctin High School. Authorities immediately removed Cevario from her class. Police then searched the home of the teen where they found the diary and some weapons to be used in the shooting. They said Cevario planned the shooting for months and was supposed to carry out the killings on April 5.

Frederick County Sheriff Charles Jenkins said of the parents of the teen, “I can’t tell you how thankful I am that they stepped forward, offered this information to school administrators and contacted us. Without their help with this thing, we would have been dealing with an aftermath, rather than averting.” Jenkins said it was extremely difficult for the parents to call the cops on their own daughter but they most likely saved their daughter’s life as well as the lives of the students at the high school.

In the diary of the would be attacker, she compiled behavior activities of the school such as emergency procedures associated with drills and other information. The journal also showed a timeline and what the teen expected after each stage was completed. She also expressed she would die after the attack.

A shotgun, ammunition, and bomb-making materials were found in the home of Cevario. Cevario remains at a hospital as the police said she is struggling with mental health issues.

Her friends said Cevario might have not been able to express herself because of her mental health issues. They noted Cevario was the kind of person who would cry on the thought of hurting another person.

The investigation is ongoing.

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