Peep Inside a Newspaper’s Bustling Headquarters, Circa 1922

The Washington Star-News was previously known as the Washington Star and the Washington Evening Star.

Created in 1898 to serve as the original home of the Evening Star newspaper, the Evening Star Building is a historic landmark which was recently renovated, and currently houses a restaurant and a fitness center.

In this cutaway drawing of the interior of the Washington Evening Star’s building, printed in that paper in 1922, the physical layout of the paper’s office is visible to the reader, with editorial offices, technical plant, and employee resources (library, a top-floor cafeteria) all included. The Star’s building also housed several outside agencies, and their offices are shown, as well.

The Evening Star was first published in 1852, sometimes assuming alternate titles (Washington Star-News, the Washington Star). The Star had its greatest successes in the mid-20th century, attracting advertising revenue and Pulitzers (10 between 1944 and 1981).

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