Pennsylvania mayor called on to resign after racist Facebook posts against Obama family

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Pennsylvania, PA, United States (4E) – A mayor of a Pennsylvania borough is called on to resign after placing racial posts on his Facebook page against the family of President Barack Obama as well as calling him and Democratic presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton, the leaders of the Islamic State (IS).

West York Mayor Charles Wasko posted on Facebook a photo showing a group of orangutans on a wheel barrow and wrote in the caption the following: ” Aww … moving day at the Whitehouse has finally arrived.” In another photo, Wasko posted a snap of a monkey saying that many mistaken it as a photo of the president but it actually is the baby photo of First Lady Michelle Obama.

Aside from that, he also posted statuses against Clinton saying that she should be behind bars on top of his allegation that Clinton and Barack are the leaders of the notorious IS.

Wasko was elected the mayor of the area, which has around 4,500 residents in 2013. The area is located 100 miles west of Philadelphia. Council members of both sides of the political aisle asked Wasko to resign as well as Sandra Thompson of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People New York chapter. She said that the posts were ignorance and racism. She added, “Now that York NAACP has been made aware, we will be seeking to take action, because his obvious bias against black people has an effect on all his constituents, which he seems to forget includes black people.”

Wasko has reportedly commented on the matter and said that the response to his posts are “bulls***” then hung up on the reporter. His office also did not release a comment about the calls for resignation.

West York Council President Shawn Mauck said that Wasko’s actions have been deplorable but he does not have the power to remove him from the position so the community have asked him to resign. Mauck added that the council plans to address the issue on Monday via a censure vote in order to formally distance their government from his actions.

A petition was also started and it is asking citizens to push the mayor to resign from his post. 130 people have signed the petition.

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