People Are Cancelling Their Subscriptions To Boycott Netflix’s ‘Dear White People’

Dear White People Netflix

Earlier this week, Netflix released a trailer for “Dear White People,” a TV show adaptation of the Justin Simien Sundance film of the same name and the backlash has been fierce. Cries to boycott the show have turned up almost immediately in protest of what they feel is a “racist” series.

A number of people have started a #NoNetflix and #BoycottNetflix on Twitter, claiming that the show promotes racism and white genocide, and many say they’re canceling their subscriptions and boycotting the streaming service as a result.

The 30-second teaser was uploaded to Netflix US and Canada’s official YouTube on Wednesday and has already racked up three million views.

It currently has over 300,000 dislikes and 36,000 likes.

The trailer has shots of stereotypical white jocks and sorority girls and features a voiceover from the African American protagonist.

The clip opens up with a monologue from Samantha White, played by Logan Browning from Tyler Perry’s “Meet the Browns” She says,

“Dear white people,

Here’s a list of acceptable Halloween costumes: pirate, slutty nurse, any of our first 43 presidents. Top of the list of unacceptable costumes? Me.”

Then the trailer jumps into a little photo montage of people in black face.

The Netflix trailer is pretty vague on the plot, but the blog Red Pill Philosophy points out “The trailer seems to glorify aggression against white people,” referring to a scene where a black woman rips a Bob Marley-style hat with dreadlocks off a white man’s head. Many called attention to the irony of a show, which intends to counteract racism, using violence and making sweeping generalizations.

Netflix has yet to comment about the online response to the trailer.

What do you think about Netflix’s decision to run the series? Share your answers in the comments below.

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