‘Professor Watchlist’ Monitors ‘Anti-American,’ ‘Leftist’ Educators

New college professor 'watchlist' aims to expose professors who 'advance leftist propaganda''Professor Watchlist' Monitors 'Anti-American,' 'Leftist' Educators

A somewhat new website called professorwatchlist.org has been launched with the mission of exposing and documenting college professors who discriminate against conservative students and advance their leftist propaganda in the classroom.

While the website does accept tips for new additions to the site they will only publish lists of leftist professors who have made the news over the past few years and have already been published elsewhere.

The idea of college campuses being liberal hotbeds is nothing new and there have been efforts to expose and document some of the worst offenders in the past – NoIndoctrination.org, logged accounts of alleged bias in the classroom, but is now-defunct. And there was David Horowitz’s 2006 book, The Professors: The 101 Most Dangerous Academics in America. But with a new Republican President and a galvanized right wing, leftists seem to be taking this new site a little more seriously.

When asked about the purpose of the site, a representative made a statement to the media stating, “…the goal to give students, parents, and alumni an easy to search database of outrageous professors on college campuses. It is another tool that students can use in determining where to go to colleges and will also allow students to be prepared for extremely biased professors.

All cases on the website required documented news sources for inclusion, and the same standard will be applied to any future submission. Hearsay accusations or other suggestions without a news source or other proof (i.e. syllabus or PowerPoint slides) will not be added.”

The list of subversives currently contains the names of 166 academics.

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