Religious Biased Hate Crime Multiplied Under Obamas Leadership

Religious Biased Hate Crime Multiplied Under Obamas Leadership

The FBI has reported that religious biased hate crimes have risen 272% percent under Barack Obamas presidency.

The Federal Bureau of Investigations Uniform Crime Report, which keeps track of hate crimes, showed that in 2015 a total of 5,850 hate crimes was reported to police, a number up from 5,479 in the previous year of 2014.

When Obama took office in 2009 anti-religion hate crimes totaled 1,570 a rise of more than 272% in just 8 years.

Muslims seem to have felt the most impact since Obamas first year in office. This years report indicates that 257 of the religious based hate crimes were committed against people of the Muslim faith. In 2009, Muslims made up just 8.4 percent.

Although anti-Muslim hate crimes have been on the rise, 53 percent of hate crimes motivated by religious bias were anti-Jewish.

According to the report, 57 percent of the incidents were motivated by race, ethnicity or ancestry. Among those crimes 52.7 percent were anti-black and 18.2 percent were anti-white.

Most crimes (67%) were committed against individuals the top two offences being intimidation, simple assault.

This year’s crime statistics program, contained data from 14,997 law enforcement agencies

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