Reporter has revealing wardrobe malfunction on live TV [Watch]

Reporter has revealing wardrobe malfunction on live TV

A TV reporter has had an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction on live television when her bikini top came off in the surf.

Bernardita Middleton, a Chilean TV presenter, was dared by her colleagues to take a dip in the notoriously chilly water in the coastal town of Reñaca, reported the Mirror UK.

Fortunately Middleton, who had a hunch she would be dared to go in, was wearing a strapless bikini underneath her outfit but it wasn’t exactly suitable for the conditions.

“In truth I wasn’t going to go in the water, the bandeau bikini was a recent present, but I didn’t attach the straps to keep it in place because I had them on my top,” she said.

After being dunked by a wave and nearly losing her dignity Middleton managed to shield her assets from the camera and laugh about it later, reported the Mirror.

“In Renaca the waves are very mischievous and it always happens. You just have to turn around pull up your bikini top and get on with it,” she said.


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