Rosie O’Donnell: ‘Trump Is Mentally Unstable’

Rosie O’Donnell reignited her bitter feud with Donald Trump – this time questioning the incoming president’s mental health.

In a series of tweets, many of which were written in all caps, the former comedian lashed out at the President-elect and calling for “resistance” and questioning his mental stability last weekend.

It’s unclear what prompted O’Donnell tweets but one of her first tweets was meant for Trump himself in response to his New Year’s Eve tweet, wishing a happy 2017 to all, even his “many enemies.”

O’Donnell’s Twitter attacks were just the latest in a long line of battles she has had with Trump, starting when she criticized his handling of a scandal involving then-Miss USA Tara Conner, mocking Trump on ABC’s The View and calling him “a snake-oil salesman.”

Since then, Trump has called attention to her being “fat” and a “real loser” and leveled other insults at her on Twitter, TV and during the 2016 presidential campaign, saying during the first presidential debate against Hillary Clinton, ” I think everybody would agree that [O’Donnell] deserves it and nobody feels sorry for her.”

O’Donnell vowed to leave the United States should Mr. Trump be elected but still has not made the move across the border.

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