Satellite Takes Terrifying Image of Hurricane Matthew

Satellite Takes Terrifying Image of Hurricane(Stu Ostro)

A satellite photo of hurricane Matthew looking like a smirking demonic scull has been exploding across social media as the Hurricane approaches the US east coast.

The spooky image leaving many to wonder is it real or is it photoshopped?

Weather Channel senior meteorologist Stu Ostro, who was the first to post the image to Twitter stated “It is 100% legit authentic, I didn’t change anything on it, I didn’t change the contrast, didn’t change one single pixel. That is the way it actually appeared.” He describes the satellite image as being “some really freaky, sinister looking thing, which unfortunately, is consistent with the hurricane being sinister because it’s already been deadly and destructive.”

Hurricane Matthew is expected to pound parts of eastern Florida, Georgia and the Carolina’s starting Thursday and continuing into the weekend.

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