Shia LaBeouf will ditch being around people for a month to spend time in a cabin in Finland alone for new art project

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Helsinki, Finland (4E) – Actor Shia LaBeouf is best known for being a Disney child star and for his “Transformers” franchise but people also know him for his art works and this time he will stay alone at a cabin in Finland for a whole month.

The actor turned performance artist will spend the whole month at a remote place in Lapland region of Finland. He will get visitors but only via those who will text him if they want to look around Helsinki museum.

The project is called #ALONETOGETHER as two more people will be with him. They were identified as Nastja Ronkko and Luke Turner. All three of them will be in Finland but they will live alone separately in three cabins in the area. Any of the three will get a text message from people outside the area regarding the Helsinki museum but the three major participants in the art performance will not be allowed to speak to each other.

A livestream of the project will be set up. A video feed on the museum’s website will offer a view of museum guests and their text exchanges with the group.

Just this January, LaBeouf got arrested during his anti-Donald Trump protests in New York City. He had an altercation with a Trump supporter.

This latest project of the actor came after LaBeouf’s release of his latest flick called “Man Down.” The movie just sold one ticket during the U.K. opening weekend. He had to pull the movie out.

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