Teacher Arrested After Cartwheel With No Panties in Front of Class

Teacher Arrested After Cartwheel With No Panties in Front of ClassChoir teacher is arrested for INDECENCY after she did a videotaped cartwheel in front of students in a skirt and no underwear.

A teacher in Oklahoma is facing charges after a video of her cartwheeling in front of a high school class while wearing no underwear was uploaded to social media by a student.

Lacey Sponsler, a 34-year-old substitute teacher, told cops she was simply “trying to be a cool teacher” and was only “dancing” with some students.

A 17-year-old female student told police that Sponsler announced to the class that she was not wearing any underwear before she performed the cartwheel, talked about using drugs, and said that “14-year-old boys were like men,” The female student said in the affidavit she saw Sponsler’s exposed vagina “open and close” as her legs swung up in the air.

Sponsler, who was wearing a long dress, did the cartwheel in the Junior High Choir room when her dress ‘flipped up’, exposing her buttocks, and bare vagina, according to police.

A student reportedly captured a Snapchat video of the incident, which police got a hold of and prompted police to arrest Sponsler.

When police questioned her about the video, she initially denied the incident, but then said she “did not remember” doing the cartwheel.

The teacher remains in jail and is being held on complaint of indecent exposure.

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