The Real Reason Buttons On Men’s And Women’s Shirts Are On Opposite Sides

why are men's and women's shirts buttoned on the opposite sides?Here's why men's and women's shirts button on the opposite sides

In life, we come across so many mundane things and just look past them without realizing their importance.

If you ever wondered why men’s shirts have their buttons on the opposite side to women’s, then wonder no more.

I bet you’re wondering if it is the result of the designer or just another way to emphasize the differences between us?

Turns out, there is a pretty interesting explanation to this mystery.

This slight difference dates all the way back to when the buttons were invented around the 13th century.

Back then only wealthy women could afford buttons on their shirt. This was because they usually had maids to help them dress every day.

That is why the buttons were placed on the left side. It made it easier for the maids to button it assuming that most people were right-handed.
Men tended to dress themselves, so it made logical sense back then to place them on the right.

An additional theory as to why this antiquated tradition has stood the test of time: In the 1880s, it was fashionable for women’s clothing to look more traditionally masculine. However, it was illegal in many places to be dressed like a man in public, so perhaps having a difference in buttoning confirmed that you were wearing a female dress.

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