Trump Encourages Supporters to Cast Multiple Ballots to Fight Rigged Election

As the national polls tighten between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton just one week before the November 8th election, Trump continues to point out that the elections may be rigged.

This past weekend the Republican Presidential nominee was questioning the validity of Colorado’s new all-mail-in ballot voting system and whether voters should ditch their mail-in and get another ballot in person.

Colorado’s new election laws were passed by Democratic lawmakers in 2013 but largely go into effect for the first time this year. The laws also allow unregistered voters to register on Election Day.

At a rally in Greeley, Colorado Trump voiced his skepticism in the voting system that was implemented in the swing state. Colorado is one of three (3) states where registered voters to get their ballots mailed to them. The ballots come pre-filed and voters can mail them back or they can still vote in person.

Trump asked “who here has sent in their ballot? When you send your ballot in do you think it is really counted?” Then followed up with “You can go to University Center and they will give you a ballot, a new ballot, they’ll void your old ballot, they’ll give you a new ballot. You can go out and make sure it gets in, now in some places they probably do that four or five times” presumably suggesting democratic voter fraud.

According to the Colorado Secretary of State’s office very few cases of voter fraud have been reported to date.

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