Trump Now Seen as More Trustworthy Than Clinton

Following the FBI’s bombshell reopening of the Hillary Clinton email case, a new poll puts Donald Trump 8 points ahead of Hillary Clinton on the issue of trustworthiness.

A Washington Post/ABC Tracking poll shows Trump leading with a whopping 46 percent and the disgraced democratic candidate Hillary Clinton with just 38 percent.

Before the latest revelation by the FBI on the Clinton email scandal both candidates were tied at 45 percent apiece when it came to terms of honesty and trustworthiness on the exact same poll when it was released in September.

Trump Rated More Honest

The poll suggests that the scandal may have directly hurt the Clinton campaign, according to the poll: 59 percent disapprove of the way she has handled the issue while only 33 percent approve.  Clinton has lost 13 percentage points of independents and 13 percent from moderates since the previous months poll.

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