Wife Leaves Husband to Marry Adopted Daughter

Wife leaves husband to marry adopted daughter.Facebook

‘MY KIDS ARE IN BITS’ Man’s heartbreak after wife leaves him and their five children… for relationship with homeless teen girl they took in.

AFTER taking in a homeless teenager, a doting dad has been left believing that he’s made the biggest mistake of his life.

It seems that no good deed goes unpunished, as the kind gesture ended up wrecking Wayne Gardiner’s marriage.

After hearing that 17-year-old Tamsin Beezer was homeless, the dad-of-five was happy to let her into his home.

Wayne’s wife Sarah, 38, who works with Tamsin, received a panicked phone-call from the teen after she had been kicked out of her family home.

Determined to prevent Tamsin from sleeping on the streets, the caring couple allowed her to move in with them.

Wayne remembered: “I told my wife we could pick her up and let her stay with us to ensure she was safe…

“It wasn’t ideal, but I didn’t mind. I was pleased we could help and she seemed a pleasant enough kid.

“We’re a large family anyway, so having an extra person in the house wasn’t a big deal.”

As Sarah and Wayne’s eldest daughter Lucy, 21, had recently moved out, Tamsin quickly became a big sister figure for the other four Gardiner children.

It wasn’t until Tamsin had been in the house for two weeks that Wayne noticed a change in his wife’s behavior.

Not only did mother-of-five Sarah stay up late at night drinking and smoking, she also crashed out on the sofa with Tamsin one night.

Wayne explained: “I thought Sarah was just being stupid and childish. “It did not cross my mind she had feelings for this girl, other than as a friend.

“I thought that, like me, she wanted to help her because we have daughters. “Yet they were growing closer and we were drifting apart.”

A month into Tamsin’s stay, mom Sarah devastated the family by telling them that her and the teen were moving out.

Wayne recalled: “She got up, went upstairs and started packing a case. I ran after her, begging her to tell me what was going on.”

It wasn’t long after the pair moved out that Wayne got a phone call from his oldest daughter Lucy, who told him that Sarah had announced her relationship with teenage Tamsin on Facebook.

He said: “I was in utter shock and disbelief. I thought it must be a joke. How could my wife be in a relationship with a girl, let alone one younger than our own daughter?”

Over the next few months, Wayne had to deal with hurtful social media updates.

Sarah, the partner he had been with from the age of 14, was quick to announce her new engagement on Facebook, even though she was still married.

Wayne confessed: “I thought I was doing the right thing by a teenage girl who needed a place to stay. I never in a million years imagined they would get together.

“My wife has left us for a girl young enough to be one of her daughters. We are all horrified by what she has done.

“The kids are in bits. We have been married years and I never once thought she had a thing for women.”

A year on and Wayne claims that he’s just concentrating on being a good dad, as the family have been unable to make amends.

In a statement to The Mirror, Sarah insisted she didn’t get into an official relationship until after she moved out.

She said: “Tamsin came to stay after a row with her mom, so I said she could live with us.

“We didn’t actually get together officially until weeks after I left Wayne.

“I moved in with a friend, nothing went on Facebook until we were officially together.”

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