Woman who told police she is a mermaid and needed help after police found her naked still unidentified

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Fresno, CA, United States (4E) – A woman who told authorities that she is a mermaid and she needed help while she wandered the streets in Fresno, California naked and wet at around 3:15 a.m. earlier this week has been identified after police asked for help in identifying her.

Photos of the woman surfaced on the internet and was initially identified only as Joanna. Reports said she could not provide any other details except her first name. She is said to be between the age of 16 and 30 and is around 5’4″ tall. Officials also said she had two webbed toes on each of her foot and she claimed she just came from the lake that is why she was wet when police found her. She was also wearing only a sports bra, has brown eyes and is around 150 pounds. She is believed to be Hispanic.

Police said they went through records and fingerprinted her. However, no other information about her identity came up in the system.

Authorities also shared that a barista at a local Starbucks provided a transaction information about the woman. The police is still waiting for other tips but considered this information. They also said someone came forward saying they are Joanna’s relative but this is still under investigation.

Later, police said they identified her as a 33-year-old from Virginia. Her name is not being released for safety purposes as they believe she was a victim of a crime. They also said the woman flew to California last week so she could check out the area as she wanted to move here.

Authorities have arranged her to reunite with her family and friends.

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